Sabtu, 14 Maret 2015



Discover Real art at Cv. SekarBali Jaya.Cv. Sekar Bali Jaya or SBJ is one of the major wooden handicrafts
manufactures in Bali.Since 1992 start from direct Customer who come directly to our Art Shop, but right now we try to some expansion to world wide market.

Now the Customers from around the world could book or buy our product directly from their country, so they don’t even need to come to our art shop anymore.

Cv. Sekar Bali Jaya or SBJ providing more than 1000 artistic design available in hand made selection.
We design and make our wooden handicrafts using a variety of good quality material of wood and supported by Artists whom very skilled in their field, especially the art of ethnic itself.
Our product made from wood with artistic design  and smooth finishing with NON TOXIC colour, so safety for children, because offer than 80% from our product is a toys.

We welcome you to design to produce

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by Phone  Or send your Fax or E-mail    to :

          Jalan Kenyeri III Gg.1 No.1 Denpasar-Bali-Indonesia
          Phone / Fax : +62 361 235653
          E-mail     :

          Contact Person  : I KETUT ASTAWA (Owner)
          Mobile Phone    : +62 812 36 863111

Product Catalog :

Cabinet chest & Box
Click Here to view product's Cabinet chest and box

Animal & Fish
Click Here to view product's Animal and Fish

Bathroom & Halway Mirror
Click Here to view product's Bathroom and Halway Mirror

Bird, Duck & Chicken
Click Here to view product's Bird, Duck and Chicken

CD Storage Cases
Click Here to view product's CD Storage Cases

Display Boat
Click Here to view product's Display Boat

Money Box, Coco Tray & Pencil Holder
Click Here to view product's Money Box, Coco Tray and Pencil Holder

Table & Chair
Click Here to view product's Table and Chair